A Dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo
A Dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo

About Bernadette


I’m an expert at taking complex business and accounting subjects and making them simple and fun! People love to hear me speak and enjoy working with me because I keep it simple. I do all this while getting results and making them laugh.

I honestly thought I would go to college, get a job, work there for 30 years, and then retire. Well, that’s not how things turned out.  I got bit by the entrepreneurship bug in 1996 when I attended a Mary Kay party a relative was hosting.  In addition to having fun and learning about makeup techniques, I learned about the business opportunity.  Before this day, I NEVER considered owning my own business.

Although the timing wasn’t right, I never gave up on the thought.  Eighteen months later, I started my first business – with Mary Kay – and I never looked back.  I had lots of fun, made great connections, and most importantly, I learned a lot about running a business.

This business then catapulted me into starting my accounting firm in 2001, and this has been the best decision of my life.  For over two decades I have had the honor of impacting the lives of thousands of aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. I have also had the freedom and flexibility to be an effective single parent of my now adult daughter, hire my mom and give her the opportunity to work from home, volunteer in the community, and build a legacy greater than my wildest dreams.

 Since 1998, I have owned several companies but the accounting firm is the one that stuck.

 I have authored four books, of which three of which are still in print – Life & Basketball: 7 Locker Room Secrets That Score Big In Life, Business Blueprint 2.0: A Guide To Starting & Running Your Business THE RIGHT WAY, and Did You Hire a Fraud: Solid Safeguards to Protect Your Business From Insider Theft.

 Being a former collegiate basketball player and high school basketball coach has helped to develop my leadership and team working skills. I served as team captain in college and led a high school girls’ basketball team to a district championship during my first year of coaching.

 I have been on ABC, CBS, and NBC and I am regularly featured in media. I gave my first TEDx Talk on September 19, 2020.