Kenya L. Johnson is an educator and career strategist who uses her knowledge of the world to make it a better place. Becoming the co-host of The CEO Launch Podcast is a dream come true because Kenya gets to not only work with her mother, but also discuss how their relationship has helped them bud into entrepreneurship.

A graduate of Howard University, Kenya spent the first five years of her career working as an interventionist, concentrating on finding solutions for infant and maternal mortality, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and functional illiteracy.

In January 2020, Kenya created Auclare Vision, a career consulting firm focused on advancing people inside and outside of work. Auclare Vision focuses on addressing the gaps in education to help professionals reach their full potential in their career. She believes the day we value workers as much as the work they produce will be the day work-life integration is no longer a myth.

Even with a full plate of responsibilities, Kenya prioritizes spending quality time with her family and friends who keep her grounded and uplifted. Living in Washington D.C., Kenya is able to satisfy her deep appreciation for the arts by frequenting museums, open mic nights, book clubs and community events. She truly values the contributions every person has to offer to society. Kenya’s motto for life is “operate in abundance” because she knows that there is wealth in everything she does.